Victor Wanyama, While You Queue At The Barber Shop For A Hair Cut, See What He Does

Victor Wanyama

If there is one thing I hate is queuing at a barber shop for a hair cut. To me, it is a time wasted doing nothing but I just have to. On the other hand, Victor Wanyama does his a unique way.

HD Cutz is Victor Wanyama’s barber who visits him whenever he needs a hair cut. He does not have to queue or visit the barber.

Larry Madowo was in London, hosted by the Tottenham Hotspur defensive midfielder and the Kenya national team captain lives and was shocked to see HD Cutz, who is of Jamaican origin, come in to do what he does best.

Larry madowo posted the video of the session and captioned it,

“You know you’ve made it when your barber comes to you. I was hanging out with Victor Wanyama when HD Cutz dropped in”.

Watch the whole session below