Vera Sidika’s Net Worth Is Astonishing

Vera Sidika's weath

Socialite vera sidika A.K.A Vee beiby has in lots of interviews revealed the sources of her income.

Ever wondered how the 27 year old Vera afforded a BMW X5 and a magnificent Mercedes convertible, 50 Million for a skin bleaching procedure and a 450,000 weave with no job?
In a recent interview with Joey Muthengi and Willis Raburu on Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 show, the socialite claimed that she gets paid well to attend social events.

“According to me, a socialite is obviously someone from a well-off background and is paid good cash just to show up at social events” Vera said upon being asked what the term ‘socialite’ refers to.

It was during the exclusive interview that she also rubbished the rumour that her booty was fake. “My ass is natural and one hundred per cent real.” She claimed.

Vera added that she originates from the western region of the country and Luhyas are known to be well endowed.
Owning a large scale poultry farm and hosting international events were among the few sources of income that Vera revealed to Citizen TV.

Sometime back, Vera disclosed that she charges from a range of $2000-$2500 per hour just to make an appearance at an event. She hosts about 50 shows per year that makes her at least 100,000 dollars per year assuming that she hosts one show per week for only one hour.

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