Vera Sidika Flaunts Her New Range Rover (PHOTOS)


Kenya’s wealthy socialite Vera Sidika may have acquired the new state-of-the-art Range Rover.

On her social media pages, the popular ‘socialite’ is pictured next to the white SUV, which cannot be verified if it is actually hers as the vehicle’s number plate has been blurred out.

If hers, it would be her second in as many years. Last year, she bought herself the 2015 Range Rover Sport which attracted its fair share of controversy.

According to the source, Months after she bought the German machine, lawyer Patrick Kimathi Muchena sued her seeking pay of his legal fees for drafting a purchase agreement letter and legal counsel he offered the ‘socialite’ before she purchased the Sh 8 million vehicle.

All that seems to be behind her now. The voluptous lass even took her pet dog, Coco, to the vet in the new ride if Vera’s social media post is to be believed.

See The pictures: