Vera Sidika Caught Negotiating For S3x, She Charges Whooping 1.3 Million


The tale goes that a client last year contacted Vera Sidika pretending to be a rich oil baron, but little did she know she was being exposed.

It turned out that the requirements to have the socialite warm your bed are easy; Just book her a return air ticket (Business class, I hope) and deposit into her bank account, half the money that she will charge you for dipping your finger in her honeypot


The hurting thing is that the boyfriend doesn’t know that she engages in that kind of business, the business of commercial s3x. Somebody was pranking her on Instagram and she revealed it all.

From how much she charges, to the sexual acts she can’t perform to the modes of payment and rules of engagements, check out the screenshots below and follow the shocking conversation;