UNBELIAVABLE !! Female Student Pours Her Heart! Sends Matiang’i Love Message!


The love of Fred Matiangi work has  reached boiling point and  many people cant hold it any longer.

This is due to the good work he is doing in the ministry. Anonymous high school who just completed her KCSE exams has shocked Kenyans by sending her love message. Here is what she shared in Facebook using fake account.

Matiangi,If i were a bird
every morning I would fly to your place
and sit at the window
to be the first one every day
to see your lovely face.
The Genius Matiangi

I wish I were the dew
when you pick the rose
and smell its scent
I would silently wish you morning
and kiss you on your cheek
Kwanza hizo dimples !

I wish I were the mirror
the mirror on your wall
when you would ask me
I would tell you my love
you are the fairest of them all

Watasema nataka sponsor
But i don’t need your Money
All i need is to be genius
Just like you dear

Yours Sincerly,

Secret admirer ( Some day utanijua tu)