TV Siren Misbehaves After Drinking Herself Silly ( FULL DETAILS HERE)


They say a quality pint makes the world a whole lot rosier. Alcohol when consumed in moderation generates confidence and happiness. But alcohol in excess draws disaster from its rest. Nairobians may have been called a great many things from immoral freaks to irresponsible jerks. But they might have just earned themselves the most deserving descriptor of all –drunkards. In the capital, there are people who just can’t contain their alcohol intake levels (guzzlers) and here is where you are most likely to find them
The CBD is where shining youthful beacons of audacious hope prefer making themselves temporarily insane after long days of work. The drinking culture in CBD is not good. In fact it’s aggressively bad. Guys either drink too little or too much. The person drinking at a CBD lounge on a weekday is either one who’s being sorted by a friend or one who’s splashing thousands for no good reason/ During weekends, humans off all kind and form descend n Nairobi’s commercial hub to club-hop and ignite brawl after brawl.
Nairobi West, Shauri Moyo and Umoja
These hoods are legendary beer paradises. Given the countless bars in these areas, it’s no surprise that you’ll bump into hoards of humans staggering after the sun sets. Residents have also done the perfect job of reinforcing the depressingly popular view that Kenyans are nothing but boorish boozehounds
The ‘city within a city’ has been the preferred party zone for Nairobians who want to look a little classy. Here you’ll find everyone from spoilt teenagers to old men who leave their luxury vehicles right outside clubs as baits for young girls to coo over.
Walk through a street in Westlands and you won’t fail to see a drunk man launching a horrendously pompous, snobbish and offensive verbal assault on a cab guy. Walk further down the street and you’ll see an overly drunk weave-donning bish being aided in movement by her caring BFFs.
Campus students and beer are like Romeo and Juliet. The romance is so strong that even books can’t break it. In fact books are a campus student’s ‘mpango wa kando’. Alcohol is the first love.
Trust campo guys to find joints with the cheapest liquor all the time. Kegs and ‘makali’ are their proffered drinks
Guys in slums are slaves to the almighty chang’aa, also known as Ng’ang’o. Mama pimas are the highest earning businesswomen. They are the entrepreneurial queens. Low income and stressful life conditions means that the local peeps have no choice but to rely on cheap illegal brew. The direct effect of the cheap brews is domestic violence