TheAmount Of Money MCA Tricky Earns After Making You Laugh Will Leave You In Tears!!


All is not well at Churchill Show as some comedians are grumbling about poor pay! We had a chat a few of these comedians and their stories are saddening.

Two days ago, YY quit Churchill Show citing a threat to his career as the reason why he decided to give up on the comedy show.

The main issue that is making some humorists feel sick to their stomach is the pay. So how much do they make at Churchill Show?’

A Churchill Show comedian (let’s call him X) told us they are paid a meagreKes 1,000 per show every Thursday.

The money he says is meant to take care of their welfare that specific day. If the comedian’s act is shown on TV, the humorist gets an extra Kes 10,000.

In short, if a Churchill Show comedian manages to appear on TV four times in a month, he will earn  Kes 44,000 by end month.

The problem comes when the comedian doesn’t appear on TV; if this happens it means they will only take home Kes 4,000 a month for performing on Thursday night during recording.

Now you understand why YY said his talent was too strong to be killed by Computer Desktops; he wasn’t appearing on TV.

The sad part is that the editors are the one who decide which act will be shown on TV and which one will notComedian X told us he struggles with his bills, especially rent, particularly when his acts are not shown on TV which translates to no money

Even more disturbing, Churchill Show comedians have NO contract with Laugh Industry. They are simply there to perform earn whatever they are paid and go home.

But another Churchill Show comedian (let’s call him Z), who had no problem with the status quo, defended Churchill saying comedians are free to seek side hustles since their boss has no issue with this.Z told us Over 80 comedians turn up for auditions every Tuesday. Of those, only about 14 or 15 will be selected to perform on Thursday.

Given the time that Churchill Show airs on NTV on Sundays, only a few best of the best acts will be shown The time frame on TV simply can’t allow all acts to be shown. Z says Churchill has given comedians under his umbrella a platform to launch their talents and seek greener pastures.

He cited the case of Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy who despite having their own shows can still ‘sneak’ back and drop performances at Churchill Show.