The Evil Man Who Is Infecting Married Women With HIV Exposed Badly, see photos


A merciless man who has been infecting married women with H!V has been exposed on social media.

He has been going round various towns infecting women with the dangerous disease that has no cure.

He targets married women mostly because he is on a revenge mission to ensure that he infects more than 2,000 women with the disease.

Leaked messages show the man bragging how married women in Eldoret (where he has re-located to spread the virus) are offering their body freely to him.

Here’s a post going rounds on social media that exposes the man

man_infects_married_women_with_hiv_screenshots_1 man_infects_married_women_with_hiv_screenshots_2 man_infects_married_women_with_hiv_screenshots_3