Why Tanzanians Want To ‘Kill’ Zari Hassan,


Zari Hassan’s lifestyle is one many people envy. I mean, this lady lives the life most of us watch on TV. Her house is so damn big and let’s not forget she has two of them. Diamond Platnumz gifted her the second home a while back before she gave birth to her son Nillan.

Well Zari has found herself in a weird position.

Social media has been awash with comments from Tanzanians about Zari Hassan.

According to the aggrieved fans, the Ugandan socialite is producing many children for the Number One singer in order to be able to steal his wealth one day when she decides to leave.

They have promised to deal with her when she returns to Tanzania. Zari is currently on maternity leave in South Africa at a palatial home that Diamond bought for her.

The two have two children together.