Tahidi High Omosh Sad Story After Real Struggle With Drugs, Cheated Death


Peter Kinuthia populary known as Omoshis one of the most liked and energetic actors in kenya. But it has not been easy road for him and his story over the past few years will surely make you cry.

It even reached a point where there was rumour in the internet that he was dead in what shocked many.


However sources reveal his condition at that time made people making per-judgement he  was dead. Here are the events we recall.

Omosh revealed that he was trained accountant but when the company he was working for flopped, he had to resort to odd jobs.

He has worked as a driver as mtu wa kupiga mabati and even a garbage collector, at some point he revealed that he even wept after wondering if he was going to live and die as a poor person. However by the grace of God he got his way into acting and life has from since changed.

After taking industry by storm for years, all did not go will with omosh as he fall into jaws of alcoholism. As  a result he was even sacked by Tahidi high due to lack of commitment and things went from bad to worse.

Sadly during that time omosh escaped a grissy road accident along  Nairobi-Nakuru highway while driving and  drinking in company of unnamed lady.He was rushed to hospital and there were claims that Omosh was dead but thank God that didn’t happen.

This lead to cries by Kenyans for Government to intervene and save the life of once energetic actor.  He was reportedly admitted for rehabilitation and bared some fruits

After the events that nearly claimed his life, Omosh decided to change into new leaf and finally he came to entertainment industry with bang . Since then he has been doing well and we pray he keeps up spirit and forget nasty things he did in past. tahidi High OJ has been victim of alcoholism addiction too.