Surprising Facts About Nameless That You Didn’t Know About


David Mathenge, better known by his stage name Nameless, has been in the industry for 17 years now, making him one of the most influential personalities in the country.

Despite being a household name in Kenya and across borders, Nameless still has a lot to him than most people know.

Speaking to the media sometimes back, he opened up about his life; his inspiration to make music, his architectural career, upbringing, marriage to Wahu and much more.

Nameless says that the beautiful Kenyan ladies inspired his songs.

“If you look at my songs, 80 percent of them including Juju, deadly all the way to butterfly are inspired the beautiful Kenyan ladies.”

When it comes to groupies, Nameless has learnt how to manage it over the years.

“Some are just overwhelmed by something, others have a crush and others have bad intentions. If I see you have bad intentions, I just stop you immediately.”

On growing up

Nameless, who is surprisingly the last born of five, grew up in Ngong’ as a very playful child. It is in this playful nature that he got the scar on his forehead.

He says that he got the scar while emulating James Bond by tying a rope on two ends and trying to swing from one end to the other, when it accidentally broke and a metallic object fell on him.

“Even though I played a lot, my parents raised me as a disciplined child.”

Nameless went to Nairobi Primary School progressing to Strathmore Secondary School before joining the University of Nairobi for his undergraduate degree in architecture.

During his campus studies, he started exploring the music world.