Standard Media Group Employee Reveals What Made Jeff Koinange Leave KTN


A former employee at the Standard Group has given an interesting reason on why celebrated journalist Jeff Koinange left the media house after three years of hosting his popular show on KTN.

Wahome Thuku, a former writer for the Standard newspaper, disclosed that the show host could have been driven out of the station for allowing Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Miguna Miguna to mention powerful individuals in a “derogatory manner” during last week’s controversial show that also hosted businesswoman Esther Passaris.

“Last week I said with 100% precision that Miguna would never again feature on JKL in KTN. And it was not because of attacking Passaris. It was because of linking her to Mwangi of Equity and Gichuru former MD of KPLC in whichever way he did,” he explained.

According to Mr Thuku, who also couples up as a lawyer, the situation was made worse by Miguna alluding that former President Daniel Moi was a dictator, on a station supposedly owned by the retired Head of State.

“But the worst was when Miguna said Moi was a dictator. Something told me the JKL host had let the show cross the line. Moi owns KTN and Jeff should have known that and make amends. He didn’t. And choices have consequences,” he concluded.

After separately hosting gospel sensation artistes Sinach and Emmy Kosgei on his last show on Thursday, Koinange made the announcement and apologised to everyone who felt offended by the Miguna-Passaris show.

“This will be the final JKL on KTN… we are going to take a little break but rest assured all of you watching tonight, JKL will be back on another station in the coming weeks, stay tuned will keep you posted on social media,” he added.

Koinange divulged that the show was only changing homes and thanked his viewers who have supported him over the years. He, however, did not reveal the exact station his show would appear next.