Smoking HOT, Caroline Mutoko Hits Back At Cyprian Nyakundi, Who Has A Crush?


Is it true that Cyprian Nyakundi has a crush on Caroline Mutoko, a new development into their you are this,  you are that fair tale?

Nyakundi must have had some dreams about Caroline Mutoko last night, only that, they weren’t those nice you wish they never end dreams..Caroline did not kiss Nyakundi and so he woke up shooting all sides his fury over what Mohammed Ali did to Cheryl Kitonga in that KABURI LA WAZI expose meant to unmasked who killed Jacob Juma!

Nyakundi has been trying to slide into the warmth of Caroline for a while now, she alleges! How can one be so obsessed with you, watching every move you make? If you do not inspire them,or you are not their role model, they must be feeling you or would die to be with you. JUST THINKING LOUD!!!

Am loving this juicy affair already! Maina Kageni sorry I had to tag you in my previous post…but the need to have some whiskey was beckoning!

Anyway the no nonsense Carol….oops Caroline Mutoko says this about Cyprian Nyakundi and his never ending attacks at her…This is after someone asked her whats happening?