Singer Avril Nudes That Allegedly Made Her Famous (Adult Photos )


Judith Nyambura A.KA Avril is one of the most celebrated Kenyan musician with a beautiful voice and curvy body

She rose up the celebrity ladder bar after her nudes leaked online a year ago, allegedly lesbian photos section of her fans believed she leaked the photos to pull a publicity stan which came along well.


In the photos, her boobs were sagging asf! However, as time went by Singer Avril began getting broad hips and her ass grew from a bee sting to a bump.

Could she have resorted to surgeries and boosters to attain a curvy physique?

Speaking to BUZZ Avril broke down what has brought this sudden change in her body and finally putting an end to the speculation.

When I gain weight, it goes to three places — my face, my derriere and my hips. My first ever interview was here, at the Nation. If you look at those pictures, I didn’t have hips, and then all of a sudden I blew up from nowhere. I’ve been a tomboy all my life but I’ve grown to embrace my femininity and sexuality

If you didn’t get a chance to see the famous pictures, here they are:

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