Simple Silly Reasons That Made Papa Shirandula’s Kawira Nearly Divorce Husband Ephantus Wahome


celebrity marriages nowadays seems to be short lived. The post Papa Shirandula’s Kawira Nearly Divorced Her Husband Over The Following Silly Reasons appeared first on Radio Jambo.

According to them, reason number one was that Mr. Wahome , acted as the man of the house. Give orders and expected zero negotiations.


During an interview just few days after the wedding , wahome  said; “Joy and I really struggled, we could not agree on anything. I am that guy who is a hardliner and I expected my principles to be followed, I thought a woman’s place is the kitchen. I expected her to submit fully and I wasn’t willing to change. The good thing is that Joy and I had gone through very educative pre-marital lessons. It is in those sessions I realized there is a theory part in marriage. The institution of marriage requires commitment and sacrifice. You come together two adults from different backgrounds with different ideologies. In fact, it is easy to break up the first night and if you manage to come out of the honeymoon, then be ready to fight the giants the first five months. Being selfless and determination is the drive factor in the first few months,”

On the other hand, kawira had this to say; “It was hard! I have not been raised by a man and with boys around. So, I was wondering why my husband was telling me what to do; why we should go to church together, why I couldn’t go to my mum’s place the way I wanted, why I couldn’t hook up with my friends the way I used to, basically why were things changing.  At my parents’ house, I wasn’t cooking since I was the last born – so I was thrown into a world where I had to cook every day. He had issues with that but I learnt to submit. Submission doesn’t hurt at all, if a woman does so the husband often fulfills everything she asks for,”

Hmmm!!! Now you got qualities of a wife material, leave alone those career women.