Shocking Revelation : Maina Kageni Confirms That Caroline Muoko Killed Mutula Kilonzo;Checkout Details+ Photo Evidence


For a long time there have been rumuors that Caroline Mutoko was the last person who was with the late Mutula Kilonzo before he died on April, 27, 2013 but they are no longer rumuors its TRUE that Caroline Mutoko is somehow responsible for Mutula Kilonzo’s death.

Sources during the time revealed that Mutula Kilonzo’s call logs indicate that Caroline Mutoko had a scheduled date with the former Senator, the sources further revealed that the IP Cameras deployed in the house confirmed that Caroline Mutoko was indeed in the house like she has been many times. Mutula Kilonzo was known to be having a relationship with Caroline Mutoko since sometime in the late 1990s.

According to the post-mortem results experts revealed that Mutula Kilonzo had widespread hemorrhage in his brain, parietal spaces and soft tissues.

The hemorrhage was linked to over-dosing of [email protected] which Mutula Kilonzo had taken while having sex with Caroline Mutoko

Its been rumuors but Mutoko’s colleague Maina Kageni has confirmed that indeed it was Caroline Mutoko who killed Mutula Kilonzo, one Evans Gikunda disclosed that Maina Kageni told him that it was indeed Caroline Mutoko who killed Mutula Kilonzo,

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