This is The Shocking Reason Strepsils is out of Stock in Nairobi.This is What Women Use it For


Shocking reports from Kenyan women indicate that Strepsils with blue cover is a secret weapon for them, which is why it is out of stock in Nairobi.

According to several women we spoke with, Strepsils, when applied on the lips, can help women convince men do anything they ask for.

What Nairobi women do is apply the strepsils on their lips before they sleep with their men, then kiss the men continuously until they lose their mind.

At that stage, the men would get confused and agree to do anything their women ask for, they can even empty their ATM accounts after the act.

Apart from the above important role, women also apply strepsils on their private parts. This helps them dry up and become virgins again.

Apart from the two uses, Strepsils is obviously used to cure sore throat. Strepsils contain two active ingredients, amylmetacresol and dichlorobenzyl alcohol.

These are both mild antiseptics that kill the bacteria associated with mouth and throat infections