Shame As Two Government Officials Caught On Camera Having S3(x) In The Office

people in between the sheets

Two government officials are being investigated over nude pictures of them having sex in the office went viral on social media.

The two include an Administration Police (AP) officer and a cashier who both work at the Nakuru County Government.

The photos that have been widely circulated on social media, show the two having the time of their life and the police officer even takes a selfie ostensibly to archive the steamy moment.

Nakuru Public Service Board chairman Waithanji Mutiti said they were conducting investigations with the heads of department to determine the action they will take against the two.

Mr Mutiti said they had already identified the woman and are waiting to ascertain the man’s identity.

“We need time to ascertain whether the man in the picture is the police officer,” Mutiti said.

When reached for a comment on the matter, the woman told the Star: “Allow me not to say much since I am in a family meeting regarding the issue”.

The two have reportedly remained off duty since Monday when the scandalous images began circulating on various social media platforms.

Page 2 is the Photo of the two: