See The Swanky Machine Popular Pastor In The City Is Currently Driving (PHOTOS)

church believers
church believers

Apostle Francis Musili of ATG Deliverance Church is rolling with a swanky Mercedes S350, KCB 391 M, whose price can feed your whole village for months.

Apostle Musili is a close friend of Pastor Kanyari and that’s why most of Kanyari’s fake miracles were broadcasted through ATG Radio, which is owned by Apostle Musili.

The church is located along Temple Road (less than 100 metres from Thomas Wahome’s church Helicopter of Christ).

Just like Kanyari, Apostle Musili has been milking his gullible followers dry through fake miracles and healing.

He sells handkerchiefs which he claims have special anointing power that heals chronic diseases but all these are con-tricks meant to enrich himself.

His church is open from Monday to Sunday, what a busssiness!!