See The Machine Eric Omondi Bought His Italian Girlfriend


The star of Eric Omondi, no doubt one of Africa’s top comedians, since he got in the limelight a couple of years ago, continues to rise even higher.

The red-haired comic has graced some of the biggest comedy festivals and shows in Africa and beyond, often rubs shoulders with the rich, high and mighty.

As you continue to blame the economy, inflation and other complicated terms for your financial woes, Eric is rolling in dough and is breaking every financial rule along the way. And it’s all because of the little four-letter word – LOVE.

If you are not in the know, Eric Omondi is the proud fiance of a super gorgeous Italian lass going by the name Juliet Chantal Graziola

Now, in the last few weeks or so, the comedian has been shopping around for the perfect gift for her exotic bae. And it seems like his hard work has paid off.

The gift, the website reports, came in the form of an expensive German machine. A sleek white Mercedes Benz E-Class W211 awaited as she opened her eyes after she was led outside to see the surprise gift

That specific model reportedly first hit the market in 2002 and production went on until  2009. The price was between Sh3.8 million and Sh9 million when inflation and other considerations are entered in the equation