See What Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali And Raila Odinga Did In Mombasa


Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali was spotted in Mombasa sharing a secret with CORD leader Raila Odinga.The incident occurred shortly before the CORD rally in the city.

Mohammed, who works with Standard Media Group as investigative journalist, is expected to be neutral but his association with Raila has left Jubilee supporters, including Dennis Itumbi speechless.

But in a quick rejoinder, Ali has refuted claims that he is Raila’s pointman at Standard Media Group

“Two pictures. One is ok according to the gospel of Dennis Itumbi and the other one is a crime. Itumbi should know that I speak to everybody and his enemies are not my enemies. Look for another PR”,fumed the journalist.

Ali released the two photos to show he works for both Uhuru and Raila

Here are the pictures

mohammed-ali-627x420 raila-ali