Screenshot Emerge of self-appointed president of Atheists in Kenya ( AIK ) Begging For Sex And Money From His Female Followers


Harrison Mumia has become the talk of the town for his attention seeking public stunts.

The man in question here, Harrison Mumia is the self-appointed president of Atheists in Kenya ( AIK ).

His major work is to represent the thoughts of Atheists, but that has not been the case, actually he has been representing the thoughts of his empty head and the voices in his head.

In fact, he is incompetent to lead a group of intellectuals.

Some time back , many atheists were in protest when Atheist in Kenya was formed, as it suggests that all atheists in Kenya are part of Harrison’s madness, which we aren’t.

Now back to business, Mr Harrison presents the image of a successful man on social media, posting pictures of him in Lavish hotels which are actually paid for by his employer, and in most cases women.

Below are a few reasons why Harrisons is disliked by both theists and atheists.

Source says he is a parasite; He uses his publicity to lure women into his circle only for Harrison to play the pity card of , “ Niko kwa fix, please nitumie ksh1000” , only for these women to realize they are paying for bills he accumulated with another woman

See this

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He is a serial womanizer


Facebook user exposed him as a dictator

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