Scary! Man Grows Breasts During Church Deliverance; See What He Confessed


Middle aged man struggling with power, money and fame shocked congregation after he confessed unexpected during church deliverance service

The incident is alleged to have happened in Bugoma County

During deliverance, this man confessed to changing to a woman at night, goes out and ensures he sleeps with men.

“I turn into a woman at night and sleep with other men as a way and condition of my rituals to become rich and powerful during the dayWhen it’s night, I do my rituals and then turn into a woman, go out and sleep with rich and powerful men whom I drain their wealth and very early in the morning, I turn back to my normal self as a man but I was surprised the other day I didn’t turn back to my normal self fully. I tried all I could but I couldn’t turn. This caused people to take me to the church for deliverance” he added

We are in the end time where people do all manner of things to make money and be powerful.

And also to men that are consumed in immorality, keep carrying. Some of these women in mini skirts you see at night everywhere are devils, snakes, animals and men as you can see here

Plus254 proclaims your protection; May you be protected in Jesus name.

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