Scandal At KISS 100 Involving Caroline Mutoko, see Whatsapp Leaked Massages

caroline mutoko
caroline mutoko

Evans Gikunda, a Web and Innovation Manager at Radio Africa, has revealed that former radio queen, Caroline Mutoko, has been seducing him but he is afraid that she may kill him just like the way she did to late Mutula Kilonzo.

“Caroline Mutoko anajipa. These b***** who have hit m3n@pause are the h@rn!3st.” Read one of the whatsapp messages.

Evans Gikunda whatsapp leaked chat continued
Evans Gikunda whatsapp leaked chat PHOTO/COURTESY


However , Gikunda has also exposed Mercy Murugi, as a s3x hungry lady in Nairobi who has opened her legs to nearly all rugby players and gives her body freely after being s3duced with simple things like chapati.

Radio Africa Group Web and Innovation Manager, Evans Gikunda, bragged how he drilled Mercy after inviting her for chapati.

Evans Gikunda's leaked Whatsapp chat PHOTO/COURTESY
Evans Gikunda’s leaked Whatsapp chat PHOTO/COURTESY

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