Scandal In Church, Renown Gospel Singer Snatched Pastors Wife, Defects Church


Singer Dunco is back in the trend again but this time round for all bad reasons; snatching another man’s wife

As they say what goes around comes around, back then many gospel musicians sought his services, wishing they could feature on just one of his songs.

You see, Dunco, that respected young man who a few years ago had the entire Kenya singing or rather tried in vain to sing along his fast-paced verse on fellow gospel singer’s song ‘Kupe De Kalle’, is being accused of stealing a pastor’s wife.

According to source, Dunco was engaged to a lady whom he was head over heels for. That didn’t end up well and word has it he was left homeless.

He needed as he sorted himself out and that’s when the pastor of the church whose worship team he was a member of, came to his rescue.

The man has been identified as Alexander Nduati. A happily married man, Nduati was the head of PAC BuruBuru and was married to one Naserianne Sintako

And as fate would have it, when he was rendered homeless, he started making moves towards Naserianne and she reciprocated. That was the beginning of their illicit love affair.

The ‘Kubackslide’ singer and her new found love, had two options, either keep the relationship discreet or move churches and houses. They chose the latter. The two reportedly moved out of the house Alexander and his wife Naserianne were raising their children in and settled in Lang’ata and now attend service at Nairobi Chapel.

Anyways, he confirmed that indeed he is experiencing turbulence  in his marriage but wanted to keep the matter private