So Sad!!!The Embarrassing Thing Lupita Nyongo Did To Larry Madowo!


NTV anchor, Larry Madowo, has narrated how he has had awful experience with some of the guests who appear in his shows.

Larry started  by  narrating how Oscar Award winner, Lupita Nyong’o, embarrassed her during an interview in Uganda.

According to Larry, Lupita has let fame get into her head and she behaves like a small god.

His last interview with Lupita in Kampala ended up in disarray after he asked her whether she had personality disorder as reported by foreign media.

“I was back in Kampala for a show in late September when I heard that the Oscar-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o, was in town to premiere her new film, ‘Queen of Katwe’. I made a few calls and got an interview.

Traffic was horrendous that Sunday because of a huge festival that was taking place in the middle of the city, so I jumped onto a boda boda to get to her. Like all the other journalists at the junket, Disney gave each of us just 15 minutes.

In her room, Lupita was sitting between co-stars Madina Nalwanga, 16, and her on-screen son, Martin Kabanza.

“We like your ugali video,” I told her as we

settled down, referring to a Vogue-produced clip where she learns to cook the Kenyan staple from her mother.

“You put me in a lot of trouble,” she responded with a smile.

She had confessed to me in a previous interview that she missed ugali but didn’t know how to make it, which set Kenyan social media alight.

She was detached and appeared bored throughout the rest of the interview, which prompted some to say she didn’t value African presenters, compared with her American appearances.

The interview ended abruptly when I asked about reports that she was a prima donna and I was ushered out without a picture.” Larry narrated.

He also disclosed how local celebrities like Jimmy Gait, David Rudisha and Nyashinski behave like small gods.

“Others like David Rudisha, who has consistently refused to do the show with an ever-expanding list of excuses.

Even that is still better than Jimmy Gait, who cancelled last October in a text message to producer Kevin Gitau, then refused to answer calls.

Then there are those who are booked in advance but decline to come on when they land in Nairobi, like Koffi Olomide, or Nigerian artistes Flavour and Sinach. Well before he got deported for his airport drama, Olomide just couldn’t be bothered to honour an invite.

Flavour reportedly had drama with immigration officers when he arrived that ruined his mood while Sinach wouldn’t leave her hotel room.

Every so often, there is also a guest like Nyashinski who confirms, then stops answering calls and ends up on another station” He further said.