SAD! Security Guard With A Tumour On His Face, Sacked After Customers Complained About His Looks


A Security Guard with a tumour on his face has been sacked after customers complained about his looks.

Sipho Hadebe has been having the tumour for the last 12 years. But despite working hard to satisfy the employer and customers, several individuals sent reports to the company management that his looks were not appealing to them.

He was shown the door one morning and told not to report to work or be seen near the company premises.

Hadebe, 27, took the letter and immediately became a job seeker.

Since he was sacked, the former security officer has been sourcing for finances to go for treatment. Up to now he has managed to collect £2, 000, which is, however, not enough to undergo a private treatment that experts believe will save his life.

But a team of doctors at Lowveld Hospital, in Mpumalanga province, South Africa, have offered their services to ease the pressure on his lungs.

They will perform a seven-hour reconstructive surgery once all of the funds – believed to be around the £3,000, are in place for his rehabilitation.

We wish him well, And quick recovery!