Royal Media Services caught conning jobless Kenyans


Country’s biggest media house RMS, has been running advertisements for a recruiting campaign, where they said they were offering job opportunities to holders of degrees and diplomas around the country.

Now, here is the problem – there’s a catch -a very big catch. That, all applicants are required to pay KSh 1000 as a fee for applying for the job.

Considering the overwhelming cases of unemployment in the country, it is obvious that only a handful of the thousands of applicants will even get shortlisted, with RMS pocketing millions from the numerous applications.

And since it was not clear whether unsuccessful applicants would be refunded, Kenyans are demanding to know why RMS was charging Kenyans in order to give them jobs. Normally, that would a be telltale sign of a looming scam.

Below is what Kenyans said on Twitter:

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