Rose Muhando Reveals Her Battle With Strange illness; She Is Suffering From This!


In a recent interview with Tanzanian paper Mwanaspoti, Muhando revealed that she is suffering from a strange illness but says she cannot quit.

“I could feel things like small animals crawling all over my body. Normally, it is my legs that ache often. But about the rashes, I honestly don’t know the cause. They (rashes) were too itchy to a point I would feel as if someone was pricking my skin with a needle. When I visited the hospital, they did not find any problem with my health. The doctors only gave me pain killer,” she noted.

The rashes, she said, would later dry up but leave many black spots on her body. She narrated how she was left with a burning sensation to a point she thought she was going to die. The ‘Nibebe’ singer however said she is recovering well.

There were also rumors that Rose Muhando was doing hard drugs just like her secular counterpart Ray C but she finally put that to rest.

“I have been hearing those rumours (about me being a drug addict). I would say they are baseless. There are people targeting to bring me down musically, but their plans have not yet succeeded. I am well and I promise I will get back (in the music sphere) with a bang. I already know who started spreading the rumours. I leave it to God to deal with him,” Rose Muhando concluded.

There was also a time when the internet killed Rose Muhando, adding to the list of celebrated artistes who have been sent to nonexistent graves by blogs