Why Robert Alai Is Deeply Disgusted By The Churchill Show


The Churchill show is one of the most popular shows in Kenya and it is very rare to hear anyone speak negatively about it.

In fact, most people speak very highly of the show. This was up until Sunday’s episode. There was a certain section of the show that offended some Kenyans.

The Crew of the Churchill show including Smart Joker and Maaamito visited Nairobi River Primary School where they asked a number of questions.

One of the questions asked was what advice the children would give the Kenyan house helps.

In response the children said that house helps should stop stealing, beating children and focus more on work than watching television.

The honest answers were not taken well by some including Robert Alai who said ‘Toto’s Corner’ was disgusting to him since it showed great disrespect to the people who serve our homes.

He said that the show needs to have mature editors and that Daniel Ndambuki had reached an ultimate low if he was stereotyping house helps in front of children