Reasons Why No Man Wants To Date Victoria Rubadiri Despite Her Stunning Beauty

victoria, larry, yvonne
victoria, larry, yvonne

Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo had the most stunning TV love on Kenyan TV and alot of people felt that there was a great deal of affection going ahead behind the scenes.

So it was just characteristic that individuals felt that the two were dating something which Larry has denied

Amid a meeting with Viralnewsalert, Victoria uncovers exactly what sort of relationship she had with Larry Madowo.

Question: Were you dating Larry Madowo?

Victoria: No there wasn’t, Oh My Gosh, Larry and I are simply astonishing companions!

Question: So there was nothing going on?

Victoria: No there was nothing between us. No in no way, shape or form. It was simply work, it was a friendship purely based on mutual understanding of our work.

The science was simply worked off of, I like working with this macho guy and it falls off actually and people want to loom into things that are non existent.

So why did the two ‘separation’ with Victoria being entrusted to Lunch Time news and Yvonne Maingey taking as much time as necessary close Larry?

Victoria uncovers that since they had new presenters on board, the administration chose to switch up things. Sort of get them into the entire stay shift.

So they separated a few sets set up others together, for example, Victoria was combined with Ken, Larry and Maingey

So what does she think about Larry? She portrays him as a splendid personality, as somebody who is amazingly innovative and extremely unconstrained. Saying that many people are put off by that yet there are the individuals who value him as he seems to be.

Miss Rubadiri concludes that Larry is to a great degree shrewd and considers distinctive methods for doing things. Including that Larry helped her to calm on air when she was still green and apprehensive.