Reasons Why Most Kikuyu Men Don’t Marry Luo Ladies


Intermarriage is highly encouraged in Kenya but sometimes we leave nature to take its course.

It is almost impossible for a Kikuyu man to marry a Luo woman, but it’s not uncommon for Luo men to marry Kikuyu women.


In this case, Kikuyu men find it so hard and peculiar having Luo women as their wives, and here are the shocking reasons.

Luo Women are outgoing

Kikuyu men sweat to make ends meet, they don’t want women who are outgoing. Outgoing women love men with deep pockets, who are ready to spend; Kikuyu men are not in this category, they are stingy.


Kikuyu-Luo hatred originates from politics. Since the time of Jomo Kenyatta and Oginga Odinga, the two tribes have never ate from the same plate, except during the coalition government. The hatred has spilled over to marriages. Though there are cases of intermarriages between the two tribes, the number is negligible.

Luo women love men who are good in bed, Kikuyu men are not

Luo women are extremely good in bed while Kikuyu men are average. Since some things don’t add up here, it’s hard for Luo women to survive in this marriage.