Reasons Why Citizen TV’s Girl Wants To Fall In Love Madly And Settle Down

terryanne chebet
terryanne chebet

Citizen TV’s hot anchor, Terryanne Chebet has finally revealed that she feels so lonely and she would love to fall madly & stupidly in love someday with someone.

Speaking to Baby Love network  Terryanne Chebet revealed that she wants to settle down

Age is just a number, at 35 she still has hopes of finding love, she was once married to some guy whom they had a kid-baby girl- together but they broke up. Since then Terryanne has been single.

The anticipated luck man will not just be any man, ohh no; he must be wrapped with the following virtues

Here is what she said during the interview;

“But I wanna settle down. I want to fall in love – madly, stupidly – someday… soon… It’s easy to give up on love while on the other side of 35…. But I am hopeful – even as I enjoy my space. I want to come back home to a great man, and make a nice meal for him. And, by the way, I am not settling for ordinary love. It has to be a man who really loves me, who thinks about me when he opens his eyes in the morning – I still believe in fairy tales – And I believe the bible doesn’t express love any less. That it is honest, with overflowing kindness…. I am looking forward to a SMART guy…. I am turned on by good conversations – books, finances, world economics, humour… He has to be a man of God.”

We plus254news wish her well in her future family, Blessings Galore!