Real Meaning Of Fruit Memes That Have Dominated Facebook


Ladies have dominated facebook for the last 24 hours with timeline fruit memes that has got men confused.

The main idea of the fruit memes is to raise awareness of breast cancer through a game


Here is the deal;

PineappleIt’s complicated, just about to quit, soon to be available. Currently holding to nothing
BananaI am married and content. It’s boring but it’s what life gave me.
AvocadoI am the “other one”,oh yes been doing someone’s husband and now I am entangles, I can’t move on.
LemonWish I was single, in a boring relationship. Nothing exciting
AppleEngaged,contented.Happy and ready to start a family
CherryIn a relationship that is so far, going very well
BlueberriesI’am single, hot and in need of a relationship
CoconutWants Bonfire Adventures Holiday
StrawberryCan’t find the right one, just sampling. Tired of the rapid changes.
GrapesWants to get married, I am bitter with the state of affairs, I need to move up the chains of love. Age is catching up.