Rapper Prezzo In Hospital After Nasty Fight With Fiancée Michelle Yola


Rapper and Nairobi Diaries star Prezzo, was reportedly rushed to hospital on Thursday, February 2, after allegedly fighting with his on-again off-again co-star girlfriend.

It was reported that his ‘rapcellency’ was rushed to NairobiHospital after picking injuries after bae Michelle Yola clobbered him.

Details on the incident are still scanty although it is alleged by a section of the media that the rapper was spotted checking-in at the said hospital on the said evening.

Attempts by the media to get word from him via phone proved futile and although he did not plainly rubbish the allegations, he was a bit skeptical of speaking on the issue via phone, for fear of being misquoted.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow, but for now, let nothing go out there,” Prezzo said as quoted by Mpasho when asked if indeed he had an altercation with Yola.

Prezzo and Michelle Yola have become permanent names on the blogospehre and the Kenyan entertainment in general, since they joined the cast of the hit television reality series Nairobi Diaries which airs on K24.

The rapper has been quoted before describing their relationship as one comprising of both love and hate, and the two have been through some nasty breakups, with the latest one coming at the re-union of the show where the rapper, after an argument, stripped live on air.

Here’s Prezzo showing his privates on live TV: