Ramogi Employee NuD3S Exposed By Jealousy Lover (photos)

Ramogi Employee NuD3S Exposed By Jealousy Lover
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Barely months ago, a sexy lady by the name Chelah Yegon released a couple of her s3xtape videos and nude pictures online.

Sending and receiving nudes by fiancées has become a thing to take proud on among the current generation

Now, A jaded Kenyan lover has exposed his fiancée alleged cheating ways by sending all her nude photos and sensual content to all her Whatsapp contacts.

Her fiancee who currently lives and works in the United Kingdom suspected that she was cheating on him in his absence.
He hacked into her phone and got all her personal information including a list of the men he says, have been flirting with his woman.
In her defence, the woman sent a follow-up message to all her contacts. She informed them that her fiancée was malicious and acted from a point of insecurity.

She apologized to Steve Omondi and BM Ramogi who had been thrust into the muck of her nasty drama.

In the light of the embarrassing video and the photos that followed suit, she will be suing the man for leaking their private, intimate moments out of malice

She however, admitted that all the videos and photos sent to her whatsapp contacts were legit. She had sent them to her fiancée in a consensual agreement.

Below We Have Just One Of The Nudes