Prophet Awour’s Miracle’s Reportedly Failed Miserably Despite Having ‘Resurrected’ The Dead


On Prophet Awour’s recent tour to Nigeria, the streets has it that no miracle was real performed  contrary to expectations of hundreds in attendance.

On his 3-4 meetings, congregation had high hopes that the sick will be healed and their strength renewed just has he has been doing on his healing missions worldwide.


The most obvious was the last assembly at the car park of the TBS which attracted little less than 400 persons.

It was supposed to be a ‘healing service’ and Owuor whose strong taste for the miraculous in Nigeria could be seen by his invitation to inmates of two popular blind institutions in Lagos.

Even though he kept saying that the blind will see, at the end of the day, no blind eye was opened.

No lame person abandoned his crutches. Owuor struggled to have a confirmation of his healing prowess in Nigeria, but it was as if God had taken leave of him

“I really bring the message of holiness of repentance and to prepare for the coming of the King. So the kingdom of the church you see in Nigeria now, the building of universities, the money and private aircraft acquired with big money and all of that is going to come down. That is why I have come. I come with tremendous power and there is no question about that.” He stressed