Prezzo to Wed His Fiancée, See How He Told His Haters

Michelle Yola on #theTrend
Michelle Yola on #theTrend PHOTO/COURTESY

The Former Big Brother Africa representative and Kenyan Rapper Jackson Makini, populrly known by his stage name, Prezzo, made it clear on live television that he is going to marry his fiancée, Michelle Yola, very soon.

Prezzo said this on NTV’s #theTrend with Larry Madowo, this time as sobber as a church mouse, where he was invited and performed his hot new collabo with Bamboo.

Prezzo on #theTrend with fiancee Michelle Yolla
Prezzo on #theTrend with fiancee Michelle Yolla PHOTO/COURTESY

The two, who have been dating for two years appeared to be very happy and so much into each other.

Prezzo added that they both have blessings from their parents and he is so happy about it. According to the two, they do not want a public wedding. Just a simple one.

When asked about his “beef” with Jaguar, he could not lack something to say. He said that he is a trend setter and Jaguar should thank him for that instead of hating. He hilariously added, “Anything i touch, turns gold”.

Where do you get your money from?

Larry could did not spare Jackson at all, he had to ask where he gets his money from. The rapper, said, his dad laid a good foundation for them when he started Makini herbal clinics. After he passed on, RIP, his mother took over and continued with the legacy. That is the blessings that Prezzo is enjoying.

Apart from his family’s wealth, the rapper acts in Nairobi Diaries, where he claims to get good money from and also adds, he is a middle man, who buys maize from Mullot and sells to millers.

He could not go without saying, the engagement ring he bought his fiancée can buy 15 acres of land in Nairobi. Which Larry Madowo approximated to be KSh 700 million.

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