Popular Politician ‘Celeb’ Takes Selfie With A Dead Creepy (PHOTOS)


Aspiring Mombasa Country Women Representative Sadaf Deen is a sad woman. She is grieving during the anniversary of her mother who passed on three years ago.

In a tribute to her mum, the upcoming politician posted a photo of a selfie she took with her three years ago when she died. It is her way of soothing her bleeding heart, and to wipe out those sad tears.

Apart from the photo, Deen also posted an emotional tribute to her maa.

She said:

“I woke up in tears ,,, no wonder. My body was remembering what happened this day 3 years ago. It was a terrifying time, it culminated with a little ray of sunshine being born. Every day my soul misses you, it’s hard to believe you are no more with us…”

“…but every single day i look up into the sky and look for the brightest star, i know your watching me! And maybe ur proud of me and inshallah i’ll keep making you proud til the my heart stops beating.
Inshallah il be waiting for the day that il meet you again and wrap you around my arms???? I love you maa and you always digged in my heart#7thnov2013.”