Please Help, He’s An Alcoholic, Smokes And He Showers Once A Week, He Stinks Like Rotten Egg, Should I Divorce Him?


A taste of what some women go through!

I have a husband who is almost giving me heart attack. When we were getting married he was clean and always took a showered but after he got a job as a matatu conductor, he showers once a week.


I have tried to complain to him but all my complains have fallen on deaf ears. He stinks like a rotten eggs and I am tired of closing my nose with my fingers.

Recently,we had an argument over his hygiene which resulted to almost a fight.When I threatened to divorce him,he promised to shower on daily basis but on condition that I provide warm water. I started boiling water but even my efforts have gone in vain because he rarely takes a shower with the warm water.

My major problem is that I am tired of washing our bed sheets. My husband drinks and smokes, now my bed sheet stink like a rotten egg,to the extent of producing a smell some meters outside the door.

What I need is you advise