Photos: Suspected Kidnappers Stripped Naked , Mercilessly Beaten


A alleged kidnapping gang made up of 2 men and A lady where today caught in the act and Mercilessly Beaten then stripped Naked.

The Three persons where given the jungle justice treatment over allegations of attempted kidnap

Meanwhile, Gospel singer Willy Paul Msafi has dismissed claims that he abused one of his fans on social media following a loyal advice

On his page he wrote; ”Why would someone even do this to me?? This has just come to my attention.. just because I’ve managed to stay without scandals someone somewhere is not happy!! What wrong have I done??

Someone has opened an account with my name and made all these up? You can all see that this is a lie… with the brains I have, why would I abuse someone like this?

The first question I would ask myself is what if they screen shot? This is a big lie and whoever you are God will deal with you. Please handle ur issues and leave me alone! I forgive you…

See the ‘Matusi’ Drama below;