(photos) Creme Dela Crème Arrested In The US, Full Details

Deejay Creme Dela Creme
Deejay Creme Dela Creme

Kenya’s top Deejay Creme Dela Creme who at one time had his s3xtape leaked, that catapulted him to world topic of discussion is in trouble again.

Dj Creme dela Creme was reportedly arrested in US,Wednesday where he’d traveled for a tour

Believable sources says that,the Kenyan DJ could be deported back to Kenya

A Dallas-based promoter,Charles Tall Oliver,reckons that Dj Creme dela Creme arrived in the US on Wednesday May 25.

He was scheduled to perform for a month-long tour,before he was arrested by US Immigration officials.


Why was he arrested and how did the officials get to him?

Dj Creme dela Creme was entering United States of America with a visitor’s visa,reportedly and allegedly on pretext!

Dj Creme was scheduled on a long tour and had shows lined up.Since he was there for business, he was supposed to have acquired a business visa. Business visa is normally the costlier and difficult to get.

The Immigration officials at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) even had fliers of the shows that DJ Crème would be headlining in the US, that they used as evidence to arrest him.


“I have some very urgent and sad news. DJ Crème de la Crème landed safely in DFW today from Kenya via Dubai on an Emirates flight. He texted me to inform me he had landed, I told him I was out there waiting for him to clear with immigration. Unfortunately he did not go through immigration and he is being held at DFW,” the promoter posted on his Facebook page.

He went on to lament that a rival promoter could have snitched on DJ Crème so as to affect the show’s attendance, whose host was to be Vera Sidika.


Someone,could have blown that whistle on him,these incidences happen a lot in the states where Kenyan promoters try to oust each other especially if the shows fall on the same day or date.

The possible course of action in such situations would be deportation.

This usually comes with dire consequences for the offender, including being banned from entering the US for a period of time, or even for life.

If such a fate befalls on Dj Creme dela Creme, it will for sure affect his entertainment career negatively.