PHOTOS: Bride’s Wedding Dress Almost Spills Out Her Goody Bag At Her Wedding


Wedding! Yes white wedding is a dream for all young girls in the world.

A picture making rounds on social media has just blown away the entire appetite for a wedding gown.

Could this be fashionable or pure insanity? My heart bleeds for the future or does it

Rugged man shared the photo above of woman whose cleavage was on display in a strapless wedding gown and slammed it as inappropriate for a wedding.

His caption read,

“So her husband and family allowed this? Smh!! Shame on them all. Which church did she enter looking like this? Which Pastor allowed her stand in front of him like this?”


When actress Cossy Ojiakor and musician Eldee intervened, asking him not to judge, he said this was an exception as it was supposed to be a day of holy matrimony.

Does anyone agree with him?