PHOTO: Meet Kenya’s hottest Hawker Causing Commotion On Thika Road


Kenyans On Twitter have been going gaga over a lady whose photo was taken while hawking sweets to a customer along Thika Road.
It doesn’t come as a surprise this particular hawker has been driving men wild. The damsel is pretty!
Apart from her striking beauty, the lady definitely knows how to take care of herself since she looked presentable unlike many hawkers we are used to in Nairobi .
But what is even more impressing is that instead of taking advantage of her striking beauty and chase men around and becomes a sponsee, like many lazy Nairobians, or engaging in prostitution, she has decided to hustle to make ends meet.
Let’s get real, beautiful hawkers are hard to come by, that’s why this post is dedicated to a gem that was found bracing the hot afternoon sun as she displayed her wares (that sounds wrong).
Just check out this photo;