Photo Gallery; Identity Of The Girl Uhuru Kenyatta’s Son Just Married


Thrilling news on the net last weekend were Uhuru Kenyatta’s son, Jomo, married her long time fiancée, daughter to once Kenyan politician

We all just knew tha, we were not told the identity of the mysterious woman. I’m tempted to say ‘lucky woman’ by I’m scared of feminists’ wrath.

Until later, the woman’s identity was shrouded in a thick blanket of mystery. She was an enigma like the politician whose shagz they share. All we saw was a pretty face that no one could put a name to.

But it wasn’t going to remain like that for long. According to a report by Tuko, sources have it that the girl and her immediate family say that she comes from a political family [not surprisingly].

The politician – William Odongo – was at one time, Kenya’s minister for Agriculture and also headed the Environment docket at some point.

Now, drum roll please! The best feeling to find love! Love got no boundaries!

Fine, Her name is Achola Fiona Ngobi. The website also suggests that she carries both Ugandan and Kenyan passports. Or genes for that matter.

Another thing. She’s well schooled and boasts two master’s degrees from abroad.

But did you expect Uhuru’s eldest son to get hitched to a Nairobi Aviation college dropout?

Neither did I.

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