Photo] Fake Pastor Touches Women’s Bare BUTT0CKS For ‘Miracle Husbands’



South African based Pastor ministering at Miracles by fire Ministries is yet again back in news.

This time around by ordering female church members to undress to receive marriage miracles.
Pastor Thopiso Mpho was on Sunday during the church service ordered unmarried women to undressed to receive marriage miracles.
The pastor who openly touched butt0cks of undressed women is said to have performed marriage miracles for over 23 women.

Due to the growing quest for miracles, signs and wonders, in churches mostly across Africa, some pastors have taken it upon themselves to do things that may be called ‘scandalous’, just to distinguish themselves from the norm.

We recently saw a pastor who sprays insecticides on members of his church, saying that was the medium God wanted to show his anointing through.

Now we have seen a pastor ‘touching butt0cks of [email protected] women’ of his congregation to perform marriage miracles. [Photo next page ]