Panic As Jesus Is Spotted In Nairobi Walking Barefoot (PHOTOS)


It was panic in Nairobi’s CBD as a man who looked like Jesus was spotted along Moi Avenue on the evening of Wednesday, November 23.

Curious onlookers gathered around ‘Jesus’ who sported a long rob and wore long hair (complete with long beard), as he made his way barefoot through the street.


Perhaps many thought ‘the world had come to an end’, but this time literally.

His appearance was an exact replica of the Western image of Jesus Christ that has been etched in popular culture and the Easter movies the older generation grew up watching

Not ones to be left behind, Kenyans on Twitter used the hashtag #JesusInNairobi to spread the excitement, with many posting selfies they took with the unidentified man – although I highly doubt he can spot Nazareth on Google Maps.

Chito Ndhlovu laughed it off: “HAHAHA #JesusInNairobi The Lord has returned….The Rapture has happened y’all didn’t listen to your pastors.”

This comes after another “Jesus” was spotted in Zambia in March 2015. It turned out he was just an Italian tourist named Antonio Boretti.