Painful story about Kanze Dena, Every Girl Must Read!


Kanze Dena full name is Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena. She hails from the Duruma subtribe of the Mijikenda in Kwale County.Kanze Dena is a News anchor and News Director for Citizen TV anchoring Citizen Nipashe and Citizen Wikend. Kanze dena life history has been full of ups and downs but she never gave up.

Kanze Dena says she was a victim of low self-esteem and she really suffered from it as she grew up. While growing up, she realized her legs were a bit bow-shaped and this greatly dealt a big blow to her self-esteem. In high School her body developed faster than other girls and her noticeable b00bs caused her much psychological discomfort.


Kanze Dena was brought up by a single mother Jane Dena. Kanze Dena’s father left her while she was four years old but later on in life she met him with his other family. Her mom died in 2007 of cancer when her son was one year old.

While working as a waitress Kanze Dena got pregnant with a boyfriend who she expected to boost her low self esteem. The boyfriend later dumped her.

Kanze Dena’s mother enrolled her to a secretarial college while she was still pregnant. She did not want her mother to know she was pregnant but during delivery at Pumwani Maternity Hospital her mother got wind of it. She gave birth to a daughter called Natasha.

Three months later her daughter died. This took her into depression and compounded her low self esteem. During this period of depression she contemplated the first suicide attempt.

After this attempt she joined Nairobi Baptist Church and begin opening up about her depression.

During this time she joined KBC Radio and later TV. Again she became pregnant again while in the church worship team. She had a miscarriage for this pregnancy.

Seven months after miscarriage she became pregnant again. She started having problems with her boyfriend. Around this time he mother became ill and died of cancer.

Two months after giving birth to the baby boy Amani, she attempted her second suicide. She explained how she questioned herself about her role as a single mum to her son, Amani. She took a Knife and slit her wrist but her child’s cry interrupted her.

She moved to Citizen TV but he depression continued. In 2013 she attempted her third suicide attempt while at the Coast. She wanted to jump into the ocean.

The mother of one has since overcome it and today she is proud of who she is. After a lot of soul searching and going deep into God’s word, she was able to gain strength and her low esteem is now a thing of the past.

“I came to a place where I started believing that GOD knows Me and started telling myself that I am beautifully and wonderfully made. Every day is a continuous process and right now I believe in who GOD says I am”. She added.

“It has been a long journey for me to come to terms with my body – to know that it was mere biology that played a part in my fast development, that it wasn’t my fault. By the time I understood all that, I had already ruined my posture – even now I slouch. I am more victorious now than I was then. However, I still face criticism from people who think I am less than beautiful – especially women. I have encountered some who occasionally give me side-eyes because of my gait,” Kanze says.