Nyota Ndogo Rejects A 16 Million Car Gift From Husband, See Shocking Reason

Nyota Ndogo

While many of you wish to own a car, Kenya’s talented musician, Nyota Ndogo, wishes for other things and rejects a car worth 16 million, a gift from his aging husband.

The Mombasa based musician recently tied the knot with her Danish husband, Henning Nielsen, who is filthy rich and 16 million for a car to his lovely wife is nothing to him.

While many thought that Nyota was in the marriage for money, this comes as a shock and you can’t imagine why Nyota rejected such an offer.

Nyota had this to say,

“For a few days now, my husband has been so persuasive that he wants to buy a car for me. He’s been insisting that I must have my own car while in Denmark. So, we went to an auto bazaar and he liked a specific model that fetches at Sh16 million. I rejected it I refused the offer because we had agreed that after 10 years, he would relocate permanently to Kenya. So, I told him instead of buying another car we’d rather put up some rental houses in Mombasa for I already have another car in Kenya that fits all of us well. I also told him that we can buy another house in Nyali.”

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