No Fire in the Bedroom for mistress: ‘My wife bewitched me’

3 witches
3 witches

A S3X starved man in Bungoma is accusing his wife of using ‘juju’ on his manhood so that it fails to sustain an erection each time he tries to be intimate with another woman

Victor Wekesa, a boda boda rider from Kanduyi constituency, says he separated with his wife two years ago thus she bewitched his manhood as punishment.

Mr. Wekesa says she fixed him so that he could not rise to the occasion when he meets another woman who he intends to make his second wife, even after titillating arousal

He added that whenever his former wife visits, which is once in a while, they always have a smooth and successfully ride.

But when he attempts to entertain any other woman, things always come a cropper, no matter how tantalizing the ‘warm up’ is.

Amid ribald jokes and naughty advises from his colleagues, the seemingly sex-starved Wekesa confessed that he misses his estranged wife and is waiting for her next visit with relish.

“I miss that woman so much because no other one satisfies me like her. Whenever she visits, I always feel like I am in heaven because we spend the better part of day in bed and around the bedroom and only step out to eat, quench thirst or stretch,” he said, as his tickled colleagues giggled and chuckled to no end